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Down Home Days
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The annual "Down Home Days" picnic was Friday & Saturday, July 5 & 6, 2002. 

Friday evening - Bill Morgan days

1940's & 50's Bill Morgan's Soda Fountain Store Times Remembered
Those that attended the "Parma Down Home Days" July 4th celebrations spent Friday evening in the school cafeteria which was beautifully decorated in the memory of the good ole soda fountain days.  Each of us traveled back in time on a road of earlier years and special memories growing up in Parma surrounded by the different people that influenced each of our lives.

The businesses and the people who worked in them may be gone but their memory shall live on as long as we can continue to pass on a story about something we hold dear in our hearts in regard to those wonderful times growing up in our hometown of Parma.







The Time Capsule


The Time Capsule waiting to be opened.        Ted Morgan Opening the Time Capsule.

The Time Capsule is opened and two of the earlier Parma Graduates look at the contents:
Harold Norman (Class of 38), Ted Morgan, Mayor Ramsey (on trailer), Wayne McKinsey and Martin Reinbott (Class of 38).  Note:  Harold and Martin were listed in the Time Capsule as being  sophomores in 1936 when the capsule was sealed.

The crowd of hundreds have come to participate in the "Down Home Days" and are thrilled to watch as the Time Capsule is opened and items of history are held up for all to see.  Then comes the picnic!!


The Down Home Days Picnic

Parma resident, Rev. Dean Medlin introduces Rev. John Girdley, the new pastor of the Parma First Baptist Church.  Rev. Girdley the asks the blessing for the food and fellowship at the "Down Home Days" picnic.  After the blessing Rev. Girdley took his place on the serving line right beside the head of the line, Parma VFW Smokey Johnson.  What a team!!!

Rev. Medlin & Rev. Girdley

The picnic was really great with Boston Butts cooked all night long to perfection by Tommy Daniels and his crew.  Over 400 people went through the serving line and enjoyed the big helpings of Bar-B-Que on large buns, superb Boston baked beans and cole slaw, along with many different kinds of soft drinks.  The estimates were that between 600 and 800 people were at the celebration because many people just came to visit.




The Parma Jets

Far left is Mayor Ramsey making the introductions, then Left to right is Delano Brown, Tom Parkman, Bob Owens, Claude Mize and Wayne Brannon.  The Photo is from Clause Mize and he writes "I sure do enjoy coming to the reunion each year.  It is great to se every one.  The Bill Morgan setup brings back a lot of memories.  I was in the class of 52".


(More photos to follow)



The Down Home Days History Room




The History Room had many photographs, news papers and other documents from the City of Parma and especially items about the Parma School and students.  It would have been good to spend hours and hours there reminiscing over the displays as well as visiting with other history buffs (buff - a devotee of some activity or subject).


The Parma High School Class of '52 Reunion Saturday evening

Front row left to right:
Jessie Teel Kovaleski, Bobbie Ballard Becorest, Nelda Mills Whitaker, Arvilla Murphy Palmer and Betty Young Beaird.

Second row left to right:
Wayne Brannon, Kermit Blair, Harlin Love, Helen Hart McClintick, Raymond Patton, 
Bud Blankenship, Leon Parker and Claude Mize


Special guests                                        Class leaders

The 50th Reunion



This Year's Down Home Days Contributors:

Chem Star
QMI Fertilizer & Grain Inc.
Parma VFW
Watkins and Sons Funeral Homes
George and Sidney Husted   
Mrs. David Barton
A.B. Campbell 
Noranda Aluminum Inc.



Restoration of Parma High School Building 

The History Committee is looking into the possibility of restoring the Parma High School building (shown above in a picture taken shortly after its completion) and will be getting estimates of the cost of the project.  More news will be coming later on this.    

The History Room

The History Room will have displays again this year. The Committee would Like for people to bring old photographs, papers, etc. on July 6 so they can be copied and displayed.   

50th Anniversary of Jets Championship 

Part of this year's celebration will be the 50th Anniversary of the Parma Jets Baseball Team Championships.  We hope to have as many of those members as possible at this year's picnic on July 6, 2002.    

Mayor finds time capsule

Mayor Randall Ramsey found out there was a time capsule in the front entrance wall of the Parma High School building, behind the "Dedication Stone".  He had it pulled out as depicted in the photograph.  The year inscribed on the front of the stone is 1936.  The contents of the time capsule, which are sure to refresh many, many memories, will be displayed at the "Down Home days" July 6, 2002 at a ceremony at 11:00 A.M.  Then, after the picnic, the contents will be displayed in the History Room.

Scenes from our Downhome 2001 celebration are still available,
Click here to view.

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